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Hakubaku Australia manufactures authentic Japanese organic noodles in Ballarat, Australia. Hakubaku's authentic Japanese organic noodles are the world's favorite. A global search for the world's highest quality organic wheat, and the wheat varieties most suitable for making Japanese noodles, brought Hakubaku to Australia.

Not only did Hakubaku find secure supplies of the wheat it needs, but it also found an organic flourmill and the perfect site for a noodle factory, in Ballarat.

Hakubaku Australia is now a proud contributor to a cuisine that is considered one of the most sophisticated and one of the healthiest in the world.
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Authentic Japanese Ramen Noodles Soft, non-fried, shelf-stable noodles need no refrigeration. Holds up to any broth and always cooks to perfection. Wavy noodle shape has great texture. Enjoy great ramen taste at home instead of going out!


Soy Sauce
In the beginning, there were 4 different tastes (sweet, salty, acidic, and bitter) that were established when explaining the different flavors of food. Then, a "hidden 5th taste" had been discovered. The Japanese called this taste "Umami" and it's one of the most important parts of Japanese culture.
With the traditional shoyu that has been made for 125 years and by using innovative ideas involving the "hidden 5th taste". I have created a new kind of seasoning. I am now continuing to look forward to offer new rich and flavorful seasonings.

It’s traditionally known for Japanese people to live a long healthy life but surprising, there is a large population of diabetics and pre-diabetics in Japan! Our parent company Kibun Foods Inc., wanted to create a noodle for those dietary restricted people and came up with this amazing noodle that contains zero sugar.  It is called “Toshitsu Zeromen”, the literal translation is “zero sugar noodle” in Japanese.  This innovative noodle instantly became a huge hit in Japan for everyone, not only diabetics!  We, Kibun Foods (U.S.A.), wanted to share this with America knowing there are a lot of diabetes in the country and nothing on the market similar to this!  We then brought Toshitsu Zeromen to the United States where we changed the package design and renamed it “Healthy Noodle”!  Healthy Noodle is not only a sugar free noodle but also Gluten free, Dairy free, Fat free, Cholesterol Free and very low in Carbohydrates and calories making it fit any dietary restrictions.  It has been widely recognized by people with heathy life style in the US today!

Over eras, ramune has been beloved and enjoyed. This culture was brought when Perry arrived at Japan, but did you know that it currently only remains in Japan?
Hata mineral springs produce about 1 bottles a day and deliver them to more than 65 countries around the world as Japan's "RAMUNE".
We have various flavors beyond basic ramune, including strawberry and melon. In addition, we also have an assortment of other products, like chanmery.
With the motto of "HAPPINESS JUST FOR YOU," Hata Kosen will continue to deliver delicious and fun drinks to customers.


Our goal at Otafuku is to share the foods we know and love in a way that's good for our customers. That's why we're constantly educating ourselves on the latest advancements in food science and manufacturing. Our Research and Development team works to source ingredients responsibly and eliminate filler ingredients from our recipes, while our Production team strives to operate in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.




Sesame Pudding
Sesame pudding is a sweet and savory dish made from sesame seed paste. Coming from the buddhists that first came to Nagasaki, sesame pudding is a traditional and vegan staple of Japan's cuisine.
Craft hand-rolled sushi at home with Yamagataya Roasted Seaweed, made with premium quality ingredients. In business since 1764, Yamagataya is an authentic source for traditional Japanese fare.
Oral Health Care
TePe is a privately held Swedish company founded in 1965. It is our vision to bring healthy smiles for life by inspiring good oral health. We aim to raise awareness of preventive dental care, interdental cleaning and the connection between oral and general health. Through our high-quality, functional products and solutions, we strive to make good oral health possible for everyone. Our complete portfolio of interdental brushes, toothbrushes, picks and special brushes are used daily by consumers and dental professionals in 60 countries worldwide.